How do you fit 15 years of rock 'n' roll on the back of a beer coaster? (I'm going to need at least two and I apologise in advance if I start slurring my typing!) 6Ft Hick are from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

6ft Hick (stupid name) hatched in 1995 by five city-living farm boys who having not a clue, got together to do a little stage show called 'Country Style Livers', penned by Gentle Ben and Geoffro. In retrospect and the other members would agree, I reckon we were shit for the first 3 years but for the next 12 we were white heat fucking genius! A dual pronged rock 'n' roll hydra - sleazing forth from the swamps, cane drains and lantana of Shitsville, Queensland - population: You.

With a sound pilfered and plundered from the bottom drawers of rock 'n' roll, backed with an 'if it aint broke - then lets fuck with it' attitude we unapologetically stumble, drunkenly, headlong into the night. Howling at dogs and humping the air while praying for your enlightenment. Yes, thats what we do. We play rock 'n' roll - Geographical rock 'n' roll - we are a product of our collective Queensland backwater upbringings. Naivety, blind stupidity and luck is our credo.

Vox Geoffro Corbett
Vox Gentle Ben Corbett
Guitar Dr Dan Baebler
Bass Tony "the Jackyl" Giacca
Drums Fred


Beat Myself
Smoking in Bed (Live)